About Us

The Urban Basket is a Vision,

A vision of another evolution of man, where each person's independence is a reflection of the whole of mankind. Free natural renewable energy, healthiest best grown food available, best healthcare possible, best possible education, basically all the things we know are necessary to evolve as a species on this earth and eventually off this planet. We know it is within our grasp, we have the technology to solve most of the worlds problems but meaningless man made things like money or politics always prevent us from doing what we know is right!

Well a wise man once said, "The great way is effortless for those who live in choiceless awareness, to choose without preference is to be clear." We know the way... and it starts with a healthy body and mind, the tools necessary to make the right decision for you and your family to take life into your own hands and grow your own fruits and vegetables indoors and out and work toward taking your house off the grid and become energy independent, that is how we as individuals fight for humanities independence.

How you ask? It all starts with a basket, and an entire city becomes a farm.


Baskets Sold

For more information or if you have any questions contact us anytime!